Monday, February 14, 2011

You're My Destiny

          Sa mga In-love ngayong Valentines Day, I made a poem for all of you. Maari niyo itong kopyahin(pero sabihin niyo kung sino sumulat nito) at sabihin sa minamahal niyo hehehe. Hindi para sa akin ito kundi para sa inyong lahat ito.

At first, I was alone and sad
Hoping that one day, I will be glad
But now, I am very much delighted,
Because I found someone whom I've waited

i am always pleased with your debonair beauty
your tantalizing eyes and your blissful personality
Your smile is the melody of my heart,
And your palms that directs me to a good start.

When I am in downcast, you always make me happy
When I am isolated, you don't want me to be lonely
You are my joy, my strength and my inspiration,
That whatever I do, you are the instrument of my motivation.

When I am sad, you always make me smile,
When I am weak, you always make me strong
And whenever I lose hope, you always make me inspired,
That's why I love you and it will not be expired.

Words can't express how much I value you,
It's not prominent when you say I love you too,
But your presence and trust is all I need
So that my offering in love will always succeed.

Thank you for the love that you are showing,
Thank you for the trust that you are giving.
I am very much lucky that you came into my life,
that you gave happiness to this lonely life.


Leonrap said...

nakakaantig naman... hehe... lab it!!!

hapi puso din sayo!

emmanuelmateo said...

salamat sa iyo.happy kapuso din.hehe

Keatondrunk said...

happy valentine bro! spread love..

hard2getxxx said...

Happy valentines!!! love love love nice poem

musingan said...

kakainlove naman ang poem mo... nice....

emmanuelmateo said...

Keatondrunk: thanks..happy hearst day din.

hard2getxxx: thank you po

musingan: salamt kung ganun po.

ISTAMBAY said...

nice parekoy.. happy valentine's day sayo.. :)

Anonymous said...

weeeh lab is in de air!!! :D

happy hearts day


emmanuelmateo said...

Istambay: salamat parekoy..kaw din..

Aurelius: happy hearts day din..

uno said...

love love love! make love... go for love... hehehe nice one...

happy hearts day

Si Inong ay ako said...

ako na ang nag iisa ngayung vlentines.... happy valentines pare koy

Raft3r said...

at may libreng tula pa kami, ha

bbtoo said...

Happy Valentine's sayo

Kim, USA said...

Very nice!! Beautifully written! And by the way yung photo ko, yup it's wood. Happy Valentines day!

Macro Monday

Nene said...

Mr. DJ can you play my favorite love song? hehe sarap nmn tumambay s page mo nakakainlove mga music... awww!!

emmanuelmateo said...

Uno: salamat sa pagbisita.

Inong: hindi,pati ako nag iisa rin pag valentines hehe.

emmanuelmateo said...

Raft3r: oo naman para sa inyo tlaga yan po

bbtoo: same here po

agustindhemie said...

happy valentines sayo!!ingat ka palage ha.

yma_mystika said...
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emmanuelmateo said...

Kim USA: ah kaya naman pala po.cge po thanks.happy hearts day 2.

Nene: salamat sa thank u sa pag appreciate ng songs ko

yma_mystika said...

happy hearts day to you anak..

ash_32791 said...

happy valentines..nkaka inlove ung tula mo

Mayet said...

ehem!!:) love,love,love!