Friday, February 25, 2011

Aunt, I Salute You

From the time that I was born, you were with me
when I cry and needs some food, you carried me
and when I am sick, you are always with thee
that why I salute you and I am happy

After being a second mother in the school,
you'll become a mother of your three children
and even though you are not with your spouse
I believe that you can do it with rapturous smiles.

Thank you for the love that you are giving.
Thank you for the care and support that you are showing
I will always ask god to give you more blessing
And to keep on benevolence from other human being.

Don't anticipate those problems in life
they are just tests for us to be remain strife
because teachers are like soldiers to be trained
to be a model, and a mother to be obeyed.


ISTAMBAY said...

wow.. Anong meron kay aunt ngayon?

magandang araw parekoy.. pahid ko muna ang ilong ko hehehe...

Sean said...

ako rin may paboritong auntie na parang ako ang kanyang panganay na anak. sa kanya ko natutunan ang pagiging mabuting tiyuhin sa aking mga pamangkin.

Leonrap said...

mga tita ko lang sa mother side ang close ko... di ko kilala sa father side namin... :(

im happy for you though..^^

musingan said...

i salute you tita...

Anonymous said...

bday ba ng tita mo ngayon chong? wahehhe

Raft3r said...

this is really nice
i have a "second" mom, too

uno said...

whatever it is your aunt gives you..

then i am with you to salute her!

apir chong!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

good luck lagi sa aunt mo..

Kim, USA said...

I can relate to this because I am also an Aunt who take care and love my nieces and nephew so much. You will be blessed because you knew how to thank to the people who cared and loved you. Kudos to your Tita!

Manang Kim