Monday, January 17, 2011

You Complete Me

My sweet heart, my love, my destiny
How you make me happy and filled with glee.
When you smile, when you laugh, O what joy!
But there’s something about you that really annoys.

When you slam at me hard with your awful tone and words,
You pierce me with your pointed swords.
When you get jealous and out of control,
It’s like I’m listening to rock and roll.

My head is spinning, I’m all confused,
It’s like I’m gonna blow my own fuse
Like a bomb or a dynamite;
Though you still did something I really liked.

You cared for me when no one else did,
You never failed to let me slid.
You did it all from rain ‘til sleet,
You’re the one who makes me ‘COMPLETE’.


Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

naks.. ang ganda... nice poem :D

hard2getxxx said...

wow ang ganda ng poem siguro pagsinabi mo yan sa mahal mo maiiyak yun hahahah so romantic

emmanuelmateo said...

kuya AXl, Salamat po at nagustuhan niyo.

hard2getxxx: oo nga po.ginawa ko ho yan nung in-love ako hehehe

Sean said...

uyyy. mukhang in love si pareng emmanuel ah! :)

emmanuelmateo said...

hahaha..di nga!!i found love in writing poems kc kya na inspire ako pero hndi me in love ano..

uno said...

panalo ah... ang galing galing ah...

ilove ka nga hehehhe

Desperate Houseboy said...

Naiyak naman ako. Thanks pala sa chat message. Dont worry I surely add you to my blog list.

emmanuelmateo said...

Desperate Boy: salamat po.