Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Withered Love

When I met you, my heart started to dance
My soul is living with gladness
and my mind is full of inspiration
That's why I love you, I give you my salutation

Even though I'm too far to comfort you
Still my heart is beating only for you
i may not touch your hands when you're sad,
but I will touch your heart to make you glad.

When the seed that we planted began to wither,
you decided to go and leave me unaware
but by vigilance I gave to that seed
and walk away, and begin to secede.

Sometimes I question why it did not grow
And give my life with full of sorrow
I don't have any option but to plow
and started a new seed for me to sow.

I hope one day you'll come back to me
because my love is only with thee
I will not question why you leaved me
but to thank you that you've become a part of me.


agustindhemie said...

Great Poem Bro!!.ang galing mo nang magsulat ng captivated me!!
Keep it up..

Ikaw na ang susunod na Poet of the decade hehehe.

emmanuelmateo said...

hehe thanks dhemie!..yaan mo gagalingan ko pang magsulat ng poem to inspire people like you.thanks again.

Leonrap said...

galing galing!!! wla me masabi.. hehe

TY sa pag add sa FB ah...

emmanuelmateo said...

Leonrap: Ok..walang anuman frend.

ISTAMBAY said...

nicew parekoy, ang galing.... apir...

Anonymous said...

nice poem kuya!


thanks for visiting my blog btw....i also added you to my blogroll and also followed you

care to follow back?


uno said...

nice one ah... ika wba gumawa nito wow

hard2getxxx said...

ang ganda ng poem mo!! nakakatouch

tim said...

Awesome, this is love man. Really! Waiting without grudge, wanted to live and to love..

Kim, USA said...

Hehehe ganda nang tula. Pero ang masasabi ko lang pag iiwanan ka na at babalik sa iyo huwag mo nang balikan, karma!! Hahahahha joke!

Sean said...

wow! nice naman parekoy. medyo sad per may hope para sa akin. talagang palapit na ang valentines ha.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice poem..bilib ako sa pagkakasulat mo..

emmanuelmateo said...

ISATAMBAY: thanks parekoy!!salamat ah

T.R Aurelius: opo cge follow don kita..

emmanuelmateo said...

Uno: opo ako po guymawa niyan siyempre..

Hard2getxxx: salamat po at na touch kayo

yma_mystika said...

nakakamangha ang iyong sinulat!!!keep it up and develop it more!!!

emmanuelmateo said...

Tim: opo tama po ang sinabi can wait!!

KIM USA:thanks po!tama rin kayo.siguradong lolokohin kana naman ng taong yan!

emmanuelmateo said...

Sean: opo palapit na nga ang valentines!!

Arvin: maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo at sa inyong pagbisita..

yma: opo,i will develop it more!!