Tuesday, January 04, 2011

In Your Name I Glorify


When my heart is filled with grief,
You carried me with your mighty hands
When I was on sorrow & became weak,
You gave me strength to face the coming day

At times I am worried and hopeless,
You are with me and utters that I am blessed.
And now my soul is filled with happiness
and recognizing your sacrifices and gladness.

Thank you for the tower of your endless love,
Thank you for the blessings that came from above,
      Thank you for fetching me in times of trouble,
     And your name must be exalted and notable.

You walked with me at the sea of darkness
You lifted me by the virtue of your goodness
You comforted me in times of my weakness
that makes me trust by your righteousness.

In your name I shall glorify
Praise and worship you in the sky
Please do not leave me all the day
On your presence, God I will stay.



agustindhemie said...

nkakaiyak nman tong tula mo frend..tas may ksama pang music!!idol ka tlga.

uno said...

nice one makata k pla eh

Yen said...

Ang ganda naman ng tula na to, Amen to this, To God be the glory!

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